5 Best Child Savings Recommendations for 2022, which bank to choose?


Parents who are good and smart, know well the needs of children. They are not reluctant to open the best children’s savings at one of Indonesia’s well-known banks.

Education savings are the most loved type of child savings. By saving education funds from the start, parents don’t have to worry about their little one’s education even to the point of getting a doctor’s degree.

Are you interested in saving for the benefit of the child and need the best and professional child savings?

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Best Child Savings Recommendations for 2022

Best Child Savings Recommendations for 2021

In Indonesia, there are several banks that offer this program. Check out the types of quality children’s savings with a bunch of benefits below:

1. Maybank Super Kidz Savings

Maybank Indonesia does not only offer savings or deposit products for adults only.

You can open Super Kidz Savings to distribute some money for children’s needs. The amount can be equated with strength. Because the target market is several children.

Maybank deliberately designed the Super Kidz Savings debit card with a cartoon theme to make it more interesting and more extraordinary. So, what are the benefits of saving at Maybank Super Kidz Savings?

Like other products offered by Maybank, Super Kidz Savings is supported by a variety of favorite features that benefit customers. The main advantage is that it is free of admin fees, you can even choose to make conventional or Islamic savings.

2. Best BRI Junio ​​Children’s Savings

In addition to flapping its wings to meet adult banking needs. BRI widens its achievements by opening the best savings account known as BRI Junio. When compared to Maybank Super Kidz Savings, BRI Junio’s initial deposit is not much different.

With Rp. 100 thousand, you can register the savings of your child who is under 12 years old. While the initial deposit is BRI Junio ​​for children over 12 years to 17 years, a minimum of IDR 150,000.

Apart from getting a savings book, opening a BRI Junio ​​will definitely be able to provide ATM/Debit Card facilities with a special character design.

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3. CIMB Niaga Junior Savings

Not only working with several companies and government agencies to improve their products. CIMB is also expanding its network by offering the CIMB Niaga Junior Savings program for your children.

Interestingly, CIMB Niaga is not acting selfishly by deciding the minimum deposit balance at CIMB Niaga Junior Savings.

Parents can freely save and adjust it according to their financial strength. Award points as a special advantage of CIMB Niaga Junior Savings, more diligent in saving. Because of that, your chances are also greater to get Xtra points which can be exchanged for interesting items.

4. BNI Taplus Children Savings

Like other banks, BNI customers have the opportunity to open the best children’s savings account. The savings program for children means BNI Taplus Anak which can be used until the child is 17 years old.

Uniquely, the BNI Taplus Anak debit card design was not made using a standard design by BNI. You can use a photo of your little one as a BNI Taplus Anak debit card design.

5. BJB Tandamata MyFirst Savings

The best children’s savings that are no less famous in Indonesia are the savings programs from BJB. BJB’s special direction for opening savings includes educating parents about the virtue of teaching children to be diligent in saving from the very beginning.

BJB Tandamata MyFirst is not only made with an attractive design for children but is also equipped with various favorite features.

When taking money at an ATM, there are no important administrative fees to worry about. It is calculated if the withdrawal is made at ATM Prima or ATM Bersama.

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