5 Investments That Are Suitable For Students With Small Capital


What is the right investment for students and young people? Because success doesn’t have to wait for old age, students deserve to start learning to invest. The earlier you learn to invest, the greater your power to achieve success as young as possible.

When choosing an investment, you should be vigilant, try to choose a cheap type of investment and match the capital and the size of the risks involved. Especially if you are still a student, having to study for tomorrow should be prioritized over investing.

There are many types of investment for students, starting from mutual funds, gold, stock trading, to property. But because students usually don’t have their own income, I recommend it for a safe and low risk investment.

Then why should you start studying investing as a student? If knowledge can be obtained from lectures, not so with skills.

Because you can only get skills with practice. This evidence also applies to a person’s skills in managing finances including investing in certain fields.

According to Rico Nur Ilham et alin his book entitled “Investment Management“. Investment can be concluded as the loyalty of some money or other resources that are carried out now with the desire to get benefits in the future.

In short, we can define investment as investing some money in one asset with the direction of getting profits in the future.

Meanwhile, assets or what is better known as the type of investment itself can be divided into two lines, namely real assets and financial assets.

Real assets are a type of investment that has a physical form, for example land, property and gold. While financial assets tend to have no physical form, for example stocks, mutual funds, and bonds.

For a large number of students and young people, it is sometimes confusing to determine what assets to invest in. Especially if the budget or capital is really limited.

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What Investments are Suitable for Students?

Limitations of capital and strength do not mean that it becomes an obstacle for a student to start studying investment. As an example, I have summarized several types of investments for students in 2022.

1. Bond Investment

Bonds are the best alternative for students who want to start studying investment. Apart from being safe, bond investments generally provide greater returns than deposit rates.

Bonds themselves are often concluded as term notes issued by the government or companies with an agreement to return the basic debt plus interest.

The direction of the government and companies issuing bonds is none other than to take funds from citizens and use them to finance government or company purchases.

But before you distribute money to invest in bonds, you should first get to know the terms of the terms, including the maturity date. This is because the bonds themselves have maturities of more than one year and can even be up to 10 years.

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2. Mutual Fund Investment for 2022 Students

Mutual funds are suitable investments for students because they can be started with small capital and minimal risk.

Starting to learn to invest in mutual funds is difficult, difficult, easy, but the more often you get involved in it, the more proficient you will be in doing analysis, even if you are still a student.

The key to starting investing in mutual funds is to choose the best securities company under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Do not let you choose the wrong illegal stock broker that can actually make your wallet miss.

There are quite a number of types of mutual funds that you can choose as an investment. But for those of you who are entering a securities company for the first time, I recommend joining money market mutual funds, stock market mutual funds, or regular income mutual funds.

3. Sharia and Conventional Deposits

Investments for future students are deposits, either sharia or conservative. Even though some people see deposits as inappropriate as an investment instrument, if you want to find something safe, why not give it a try.

Deposits are a term savings facility from banks with a pre-approved period of time. Deposit time periods are usually sold starting from 1 month, three months, six months, 12 months to 24 months.

4. Investment P2P Lending

An investment for students that deserves to be decided next is P2P Lending. Changes in fintech P2P Lending in Indonesia are quite exciting. Even when this discussion was circulated, there were already more than 150 Fintech P2P Lending companies that were registered and licensed by the OJK.

It is well known that Fintech P2P lending is a market that confronts lenders and borrowers. The working steps of P2P lending are as a mediator between borowers (borrowers) and lenders (owners of capital) who have the intention of funding borrowers.

Fintech P2P Lending Investment has advantages in terms of the small amount of capital issued until the results are obtained. That is the reason why investing in P2P lending is worth considering for those of you with student status.

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5. Forex Trading for Students

Investments for easy students and students that are suitable next are Forex Trading. Foreign Exchange (Forex) is the activity of exchanging foreign currency or foreign exchange.

While we can define forex trading as buying and selling foreign exchange with the direction of benefiting from the difference in buying and selling values.

For those of you young people or students who are interested in investing through Forex Trading, my advice is to start with small capital. The reason is that unless the profit from the difference in buying and selling foreign exchange is attractive, the risk is quite large.

Forex trading as a small capital investment that is suitable for students and easy to implement. Moreover, forex trading activities can be carried out 24 hours on weekdays so that it is suitable for young people and students.

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