5 List of the Best Securities Companies in Indonesia for 2022


Economic improvement in Indonesia is followed by increasing citizen interest in investment. It’s a shame that the level of financial literacy of the people so far has not been sufficient, including in terms of choosing the best securities company.

This can be proven by the high number of citizens who are caught up in fraudulent investments. But what exactly is meant by the best securities companies and their role in the capital market in 2022.

Securities companies are companies that play an active role in buying and selling impacts in the capital market. This company has a special license to carry out this impact trading business transaction.

In essence, the role of a securities company is as a mediator between investors and the capital market for relief.

Its presence is absolutely fundamental so that investors can obtain optimal benefits from each business transaction buying and selling its impact. Therefore, there are several factors that must be applied to determine the securities company with the best stamp.

To be understood, in Indonesia itself there are two types of securities companies, namely sharia and conservative. The job is the same, but the sharia securities company acts as a broker who trades and buys its effects according to Islamic law.

Sharia investment itself is increasingly gaining ground because of the willingness of citizens to gain profits with a mechanism that is more open and free of usury.

Meanwhile, the requirements that need to be fulfilled when determining your investment broker are that they must be registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

This is to ensure legality so that the money entered does not just disappear without certainty. Other factors that must also be taken into account are the level of business transactions carried out, the number of customers, service quality and affordable trading fees.

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List of the Best Securities Companies in Indonesia 2022

List of the Best Securities Companies in Indonesia 2022

Choose a securities company with the best stamp is an obligation. But if you are confused by the various information that is scattered on the internet.

You can pay attention to our discussion of the best securities company references. Of these several options there may be one that fits your next investment needs.

1. Indo Premier Securities

This securities company is an easy-to-pocket stock broker option because the initial capital is the most affordable. It only requires a capital of IDR 100,000 to open a share account with Indo Premier and enter the stock market.

The company’s performance has been proven in several fields, starting from agriculture to infrastructure. The service is available in a conservative or sharia form that can be reached via a mobile or desktop program.

The Indo Premier company does not charge account maintenance fees or minimum transfer fees for subsequent deposits. Meanwhile, the cost of selling shares is 0.29% per transaction and the cost of buying shares is 0.19% per transaction.

2. Mirae Asset Securities

The next recommended choice for the best securities company is Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia, which is also known to be truly accessible to the general public. Apart from that, the advantage is the customer service that is alert 24 hours to help investors if there are problems.

There are quite a number of account options prepared for potential investors, namely margin, regular, day trading and sharia. The initial deposit for opening an account is around IDR 10 million to IDR 200 million according to the account decided on.

Mirae also does not charge for account maintenance and a minimum limit for further deposit transfers. While the cost of selling shares is 0.25% and buying shares is 0.15% per transaction.

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3. BNI Securities

The next choice of securities company came from BNI Sekuritas, a subsidiary of Bank BNI. There are two account options, namely conventional and sharia with other provisions. Investors who open Islamic accounts immediately get conservative accounts but the reverse does not apply.

BNI Sekuritas requires an initial deposit of IDR 1 million to open a conservative and sharia account. While the account margin is getting bigger, namely IDR 200 million.

This company does not take account maintenance fees, similar to the first two references. Regarding fees charged. BNI Sekuritas decided a fee of 0.25% for share marketing and 0.15% for the share purchase fee per transaction.

4. The Best Mandiri Sekuritas

This securities company is a subsidiary of the best state-owned bank institution, namely Bank Mandiri. Many investors put their options on Mandiri Sekuritas because of its various advantages. If you are still with student status and want to make an investment, you will be given a special offer.

Simply make an initial deposit of IDR 2 million to get a regular account. While opening an account by the general public is subject to a minimum deposit of 5 million to 25 million, depending on the options.

Mandiri Sekuritas itself provides three account options including full service, sharia and regular. While the trading fee is 0.28% per business transaction plus IDR 5,000 every day. Meanwhile, the fee to buy the shares is 0.18% per transaction and an additional Rp. 5,000 per day.

5. NH Korindo Sekuritas Indonesia

The recommendations for the best securities companies in the Indonesian capital market were filled out by NH Korindo Sekuritas Indonesia. One of the magnets of this company is the member get member mechanism.

This program gives a 1% commission from the initial deposit every time you get a new customer. Besides that, the service features of this company are quite attractive and compete with other similar agencies.

NH Korindo Sekuritas Indonesia provides two types of accounts that customers can choose from, namely regular and day trading. The initial deposit amount is also affordable for beginners, it’s only 5 million.

Trading fees that are charged are quite competitive with other companies. Stock marketing is charged at 0.28% and purchases are charged at 0.18% per transaction.

Samuel Sekuritas provides two types of accounts for its customers, namely online and regular. Customers who wish to open an online account only need to provide an initial deposit of IDR 1 million, which is very pocket-friendly.

Meanwhile, a regular account requires a bigger deposit, which is 10 million. Same with Henan, info real-time market that is accepted is subject to a fee of IDR 16,500.

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