How to Raise Hands on a Zoom Laptop, PC or HP for Online Meetings


Raise Hand on Zoom – When participating in a presentation using Zoom, your audience must respect certain rules.

Virtual presentations may seem more relaxed, as your audience can participate from the comfort of their own homes or other cool places.

However, there is a set of rules that can make a presentation even more effective.

One of the rules is that your audience should not start talking whenever they want, as that can distract you as the presenter and the rest of the audience.

They should politely raise their hand to let the presenter or host know they have something to say, and wait for you to finish speaking.

But how do they raise their hand on zoom pc during a presentation? Or in other words how to raise your hand when in a presentation condition?

Although the Zoom application is very effective in enabling them to participate in presentations using their smartphones, many people still prefer to use their personal computers.

Most people are comfortable using their personal computer, because they can take notes on their personal computer, while others find personal computers easier to navigate. (Source:

How to Raise Hand on Zoom

An easy way to use the Raise Hand feature using a laptop or personal computer is to do:

  • Click on the section Participants at the bottom of the computer screen.
  • Click on the small icon in the shape of a hand labeled “Raise Hand”.

In detail, let’s look at the steps below to find out which side of the raise hand menu is in a zoom meeting when using a laptop or PC. Complete with pictures.

function of Raise Hand feature on the zoom app is the best way to let the host know you have a question without interrupting the convenience of the meeting.

How to Raise Hand on Zoom PC

Select Participants on the menu in the middle at the bottom of the PC or Laptop screen. Then click on features Raise Hand.

Then later the host will see that you are raising your hand through a notification that will be forwarded to the host. To put the hands back down, click on the same button icon that was changed to Lowerhand.

How to Raise Hand on Zoom HP

If you want to raise your hand in Zoom on your cellphone or cellphone, then the method is:

Tap on the Raise Hand menu in the lower left corner of the mobile screen. Then later the hand icon will change to blue with the words Lowerhand underneath.

So, feature function Raise Hand this is useful to use when a participant wants to have their turn to speak without interrupting anyone.

In this case, the presenter will see a Raise Hand icon next to the participant’s name on the list and can give him a turn to speak.

That’s all, hopefully useful and helps you.

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